Issue 2 Page 29

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Issue 2 | Jenna

Issue 2 Page 29

Poecat ComixClass A Felony

8 comments on “Issue 2 Page 29”

  1. Madd the Sane says:

    And as soon as Dark Kat is back, he will take over.

    Also, she kept his brain!? She either knew or hoped that the brain could be put into a new body. Wouldn’t be surprised if the chemical she wanted was to help with putting the brain in the body.

  2. NazcaPilot says:

    Well, this doesn’t bode well for our heroes. Dark Kat’s return is likely as of now, but I wonder what whammy you two have in store. It makes me wonder who’s body is under glass. >.>

  3. Koen Francois says:

    Is it just me who is more interested in knowing what body is in that tank behind her? o.O

  4. e fellner says:

    Ok, now I’m starting to get creeped out.. LOL.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Dark Kat’s Back ?! Uh-oh

  6. MoDaD says:

    Like the detail when Jenna peers in close. Is that brain suspended in lemonade? XD The whole scene is pretty cool.

  7. Mark Lungo says:

    So whose body is that? My guess: since T-Bone’s death was a shocker, his return–with Dark Kat’s mind in his body–would be even more shocking.

  8. Jeff Buff says:

    Why is it always the hot ones that have a screw loose?
    Bring Dark Kat back from the grave? Did that ever work properly?
    Nice artwork Aero and Felony!

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