Issue 2 Page 9

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Issue 2 | Aero, Crimson

Issue 2 Page 9

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8 comments on “Issue 2 Page 9”

  1. Nee says:

    Duuuuuude you are so lucky she didn’t hit you a fraction more south otherwise you’d both been girls <_< Although I have to say, she showed great restraint only punching him there X3

  2. Daniel says:

    Wow, back in form i see. Also i can see some chemistry betwen those two.

  3. Dragowolf907 says:

    Happy day! An update!!!!

    It is amusing watching these two, I can’t tell if he’s teasing her like a brother does a sister or a boy teasing a girl he likes. I am hoping for the second one. Because it would be hilarious to watch these two dance around each other.

  4. Eric F. says:

    Yes, an update! I love how these two interact with each other, so funny!

  5. nikolai60 says:

    Yay update! And man, he’s really enjoying digging himself that grave…

  6. Jeff Buff says:

    Dragowolf, I agree with you. I’m hoping for the second also. These two will make a great pair. Just as long as Aero is the one flying the Turbo Kat!

  7. TinaC says:

    He SO deserved that…..needed it a bit more south though!

  8. Alexandra Bryant says:

    Hans Lynx AKA Crimson and Stacy Howard AKA Aero are just absolutely fantastic on page nine for the second issue of SWAT Kats Nova Squadron because they sound and act just like the teasing yet friendly comic-relief stuff that Chance Furlong AKA T-Bone and Jake Clawson AKA Razor used to give each other from the animated series of the 1990s created by Christian and Yvon Tremblay.

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