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Issue 1 | Ripper, Scrap Metal

Page 9

Poecat ComixClass A Felony

7 comments on “Page 9”

  1. Nee Knight says:


  2. MaveriKat says:

    Badarse Psycho Kitty!

  3. nikolai60 says:

    1. Why didn’t I find this comic earlier?

    2. No matter when it is, knocking that clock tower down will ALWAYS be priority one…

  4. trekker77 says:

    Felina really has got her paws full!

  5. That scary kat-like vampire Ripper could give any kat a serious number of nightmares for the rest of his or her life, and it’s no surprise that the daughter of Chop Shop, Scrap Metal, has become more like her late father such as being a female maniac with a love for serious destruction because she is very similar to Hyena, one of the members of the TV show called The Pack from Disney’s Gargoyles.

  6. Caitlyn says:

    Let’s hope the new SWAT Kats stop Scrap Metal.

  7. FirstCora says:

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