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Posted by Poecat

We have been working on SWAT Kats: Nova Squadron for a decade now. Aerokat came up the idea of doing a SWAT Kats fan comic at Anthrocon 2012 and asked if I’d like to partner up. We came up with the setting, characters, plot, everything together and gotten a few issues out of it. Aerokat and I enjoyed putting together something with the SWAT Kats using our own characters with the established. However as readers have seen, there were breaks between pages. At first only a few months to a year, as life had demanded our time. We’d continue on full force until again needed a hiatus… then another… each lasting longer than before. Eventually we realized that it’s time to hang it up and leave Nova unfinished.

The two of us were mainly working on Nova for our own interest but to be honest after a decade, that interest has waned. Time is still a factor and we’re not getting any younger. Aerokat has her original stories to tell through her own comics ( My eyesight has gotten worse over the years, and slowed me down in drawing. Financing is another issue. The SWAT Kats do not belong to us (duh) and while we received permission from the Tremblay brothers to post and print, we are not authorized to make a profit. Then there came the reboot. LOL another reason we started the comic was because there wasn’t any new SWAT Kats content but now there will be in its own new ‘verse.

To those of you who have kept reading all this time, thank you so much for your interest and support. We are glad so many people were into it. Thanks to MoDaD of the SWAT Kats Encyclopedia for helping us with a logo and hosting. Apologies to everyone for leaving the story unfinished. The last couple pages have been posted despite not being fully colored, and we may be posting other stuff including the plot points, script, etc. that we have for those cliffhangers (like what’s to become of T-Bone?!). Both of us plan on still participating in the fandom in various ways and look forward to SWAT Kats: Revolution!

– Felony and Aerokat

2 comments on “Discontinued”

  1. Morgan Majtyka says:

    Sorry to hear you guys are ending the comic, but I completely understand. I’ve enjoyed your work and wish you luck with what ever you have next.

    Personally, I think you both have done the Swat Kats proud.

    Happy New Year

  2. Alexandra M Bryant says:

    I am so sorry to hear that, but I also understand. Just like what Morgan Majtyka said, I’ve really enjoyed your work and wish you both good luck with whatever you have next.

    By the way, I think you both have done T-Bone and Razor proud with their new SWAT Kat members: Wildstorm, Apex, Tack, Gaze, Crimson, Aero, and Klystron.

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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