Another small break…

April 8, 2015 | RSS RSS | ★ 0
Posted by Felony

Hey Kats fans!

There are a couple things going on this month that will cause another delay in producing more pages for SWAT Kats: Nova Squadron for at least all of April. Aerokat is swamped with other paid comic projects that have deadlines she must meet. I myself am having an eye surgery on the 14th which will put me out of commission for a couple weeks while I recover.

We apologize for having to pause, but please remember that this fan comic is something we are doing for fun. Most of you have been very patient with us and we appreciate it. No we will not be gone another year. Comic creating, even with two people, is time consuming. We enjoy creating as much as you enjoy reading, however Aerokat and I both have other responsibilities and projects that come first and sometimes life can throw things at you unexpectedly.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for new pages to be posted sometime in May 2015.

6 comments on “Another small break…”

  1. Eric F. says:

    Good luck with everything, best wishes guys!

  2. Cesarin says:

    Lots of luck in your surgery. Hope you heal fine!

  3. Daniel says:

    Good luck to back to health.

  4. Alexandra Bryant says:

    I hope you are recovering your eye surgery successfully and I wish you good luck on finishing the other comic-book projects for your internet viewers, and I still can’t wait to see on what happens for SWAT Kats Nova Squadron Issue 2.

  5. Eric F. says:

    Hope you guys are doing Ok, it’s already June. But if you are busy with other things, I completely understand.

  6. someoneudk says:

    It’s almost flipping july!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that youre busy but this is just ridiculous. Sorry if theres too much goin on, i just really wanna see another page

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