Issue 2 Page 23

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Issue 2 | Apex, Wildstorm

Issue 2 Page 23

Poecat ComixClass A Felony

6 comments on “Issue 2 Page 23”

  1. Nee Knight says:

    Aaaand somewhere… maybe, just maybe… Razor is wishing you were Razor XD Kidding aside, it’s nice to see how close these two are ^^ The Artwork is as amazing as ever and and I am loving the story… So happy to see this back more.

  2. e fellner says:

    Great to see this back after a long wait! Looks like these two are getting along just fine, woo woo!

  3. Jennifer says:


  4. NazcaPilot says:

    Hey, a “W” is a “W” in my book. And judging by this page, they’re both winners tonight. 😉

  5. Well, that escalated quickly.

  6. Jeff Buff says:

    Great job Aerokat and Felony!
    These two are off to a good start.
    Who’s next? Tack and Gaze?

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