Issue 3 Page 10

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Issue 3 | Aero, Crimson

Issue 3 Page 10

Poecat ComixClass A Felony

5 comments on “Issue 3 Page 10”

  1. Jeff Buff says:

    Either he thinks of you as a sister or he’s really into you. No matter what he said to Wildstorm.
    Careful Hans. She might use that Rivet gun on you!

  2. Alexandra M Bryant says:

    I agree with what Jeff Buff said, because if Hans doesn’t learn to stop teasing Stacy and get along with her like Ashton wisely suggested, he is gonna end with a lot of bruises and broken bones courtesy of her kicking his butt as the suitable punishment.

  3. Morgan Majtyka says:

    Just realized there are new pages for this out, so happy.
    Hope you guy are holding up okay.

  4. Sam higginbotham says:

    Omg i grew up on swat kats on boomerang

  5. derek says:

    He is just playing around dear calm down.

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