Issue 3 Page 7

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Issue 3 | Onslaught, Ophion

Issue 3 Page 7

Poecat ComixClass A Felony

3 comments on “Issue 3 Page 7”

  1. Alexandra M Bryant says:

    Well it’s about time! I was getting really worried of SWAT Kats: Nova Squadron being permanently canceled, but page 7 of issue 3 looks awesomely radical, dudes!

  2. Jeff Buff says:

    I wouldn’t trust either of them.
    Welcome back, Aero and Felony!

  3. Alexandra M Bryant says:

    I agree with what Jeff Buff says. Similar to their respective fathers from episode 13 “Katastrophe” of SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron, Onslaught and Ophion do not trust each other so easily but they always seem to come up with a solution to team up together in a temporary partnership to gain control of Megakat City and also try to destroy the new SWAT Kats.

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