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Issue 1 | Gaze, Ophion, Razor

Page 18

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10 comments on “Page 18”

  1. Leah says:

    Oooooh! SWEET a telekinetic. That is awesome! That’ll defiantly stir things up a bit. Can’t wait to see more. ^_^

  2. nikolai60 says:

    Excellent, though I wonder how Razor missed the flying disk driving up lol

  3. Nee Knight says:

    Sweet action, really feel the movement… wonder how Razor will figure out who threw that back. Also major props for including the C-tron.

  4. Trekker77 says:

    Ha, eat metal, slimy lizard!

  5. Cesarin says:

    damn, razor looks badass in your version!

  6. Kimberly saunderson says:

    Is their going to be another comic coming

  7. KamenRiderEquine says:

    Sweet! Glad to see someone’s picking up where the show abruptly left off!

  8. I bet Razor was surprised to see that Ling Xiao had used her own powers of telekinesis to knock the snake-like monster’s lights out with the sewer lid and send him into a monster’s version of dreamland, and I am also sure that Ling is just as surprised to see that Razor of the SWAT Kats is still alive since he was about to tranquilize Dr. Viper’s mutation from his glovatrix.

  9. Caitlyn says:

    That cat lady that was using tecknology at that snake-cat hyvrid reminds me of Ella Mental from Yin Yang Yo. :3

  10. Ravi says:

    Oh now not again!
    Razor new job “recruiting”

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