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  1. Leah says:

    WHOOT! so now the teams all here. I wonder what their fist assignment will be? Or how will they all work together with such different backgrounds? Wildstorm was already a vigilante so it won’t be so hard for him, but the others. . . Guess we’ll wait and see. ^_^ I have a feeling this is gonna be really good.

  2. trekker77 says:

    Cool! Now that the recruits are all ready, it’s time for some tail kicking action!!

  3. nikolai60 says:

    Team’s here, can’t wait to see some action, and get a good look at the dynamic they’ve got going!

  4. Tina C. says:

    Hmmm, so Razor’s picked Wildstorm as future leader…lets see what he’s got.

  5. Caitlyn says:

    Go, go, SWAT Kats!!!!!!! 😀

  6. Alexandra Bryant says:

    This is my favorite part of the SWAT Kats Nova Squadron first comic issue because Razor, Callie, and Felina had finally picked out the best and most courageous young heroes and heroines that soon all of the Megakat City citizen will currently count on their awesome protection, and I’m also very pleased that Razor officially chose Wildstorm to be the new leader because he will do an excellent job of leading his team to victory battles with the Turbokat II jet and also making sure that Apex, Gaze, Tack, Klystron, Aero, and Crimson will always remain safe and sound from the evil threats of Dark Kat’s son Onslaught.

  7. Ty says:

    Wow This comic is amazing! can not wait for them to go on their first mission! I wonder if they would act like the justice league (for example) They split up into teams and do different missions. Apex and Wildstorm seem as if they would make a good pair though Apex karate’s her way through a group of baddies and Wildstorm parkours his way to an objective >:3

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