Issue 2 Page 10

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Issue 2 | Aero, Crimson, Ophion

Issue 2 Page 10

Poecat ComixClass A Felony

8 comments on “Issue 2 Page 10”

  1. Nee says:

    … That wrench is gonna be put somewhere it’ll be hard to remove <_<
    Heheh Lizard boy makes a handsome chap when he wants ta be ^^

  2. TinaC says:

    Uh oh…he SO went there and stuck his foot inside his mouth, all the way up to his hip!….needs to be taken down a few pegs. I don’t think his ego will fit the jet.

  3. nikolai60 says:

    At this rate he’s gonna spend a majority of his on-screen time injured in some way…

  4. Betaruga says:

    Whoa, first character I hate in this story is just asking for a smack in the nads.

    Nice to see you guys updating again!

  5. Eric F. says:

    Dude, that was the wrong thing to say, especially since she has a wrench in her paw!! What do you want, a concussion as well?? Hah, love this, makin’ me laugh!

  6. Jeff Buff says:

    is Hans that dumb? He might be the hindrance of the pair. Stacy is showing great restraint by not throwing that wrench at his head. Then again, there is always next week.

  7. Dragowolf907 says:

    He’s…. an idiot… that or he’s trying to teach her control. I mean she doesn’t want to prove him right now does he?

    Still… I hope she hits him. He can not be allowed to say that without consequences.

  8. Alexandra Bryant says:

    Hans really needs to be careful of what he says to his little female buddy Stacy since she feels like her buttons are getting pushed every step of the way by his cocky yet somewhat arrogant behavior unless the others can come out to the Turbokat II room and break up their argument, and I still can’t wait to see of what Ophion, Dr. Viper’s son, has up his snaky sleeves in the dangerous lands of Megakat Swamp after his own fight with Dark Kat’s son Onslaught.

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