Issue 2 Page 19

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Issue 2 | Apex, Kali Ma, Wildstorm

Issue 2 Page 19

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7 comments on “Issue 2 Page 19”

  1. Nee says:

    … If the next page is her doing ball tricks to the song “Dance Magic Dance”, that’ll just be the greatest thing ^^

  2. I see she only saw him, I sense a tackle from ‘off-screen’ coming….

  3. Jeff Buff says:

    Sweetheart? He lured Apex out for a date and now he is calling Kali-Ma sweetheart? Sure she is good looking but come on, pick one!

  4. eric f says:

    Cool, an update at last! Kali is a cutie!

  5. Alexandra Bryant says:

    Page 19 for issue of the SWAT Kats: Nova Squadron is absolutely spellbinding because I really love the way Kali-Ma was trying to seduce Wildstorm with her feminine charms and good-looking body while he and his love interest/partner Apex are forcing her nicely to reveal of what she is stealing from Katzmer’s antique shop.

  6. TinaC says:

    Uh oh. Dont be taken in Wildstorm!! TBone didnt with Turmoil!

  7. Jacob1290 says:

    Wedgie, Ouchie Ouch
    not good to have while stealing stuff

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