Issue 2 Page 20

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Issue 2 | Kali Ma, Wildstorm

Issue 2 Page 20

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4 comments on “Issue 2 Page 20”

  1. I’m guessing she hasn’t caught on yet that there’s some new SWAT Kats in town~

  2. TinaC says:

    Now it gets interesting…

  3. eric f says:

    You naughty little she-kat, he he!!

  4. Alexandra Bryant says:

    Swat Kats Nov Squadron’s second issue page 20 looks radically awesome as I really love the way Kali Ma, the seductive acrobatic she-kat villain, starts fighting Wildstorm AKA Ashton Rios in her own style at Katzmers when he tried to bring her for the Enforcers.

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