Issue 2 Page 28

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Issue 2 | Jenna, Warlock

Issue 2 Page 28

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9 comments on “Issue 2 Page 28”

  1. e fellner says:

    Don’t mess with a mad she-kat… yikes.

  2. NazcaPilot says:

    I love Damon so darn much. He’s just so cute when he’s this sheepish. :3

    Also, it’s not too surprising Jenna is such a helicopter parent. When you run a criminal empire and your son is heir apparent, this is to be expected. 😛

  3. Jeff Buff says:

    Never mess with a red-head!
    Doesn’t she wear anything else?

  4. Jennifer says:

    Ooooh She’s Mad

  5. Koen Francois says:

    Ooh she is angry. But beautiful outfit!… Still thinking that she has a crush on Wildstorm. Mark my words!

  6. Felony says:

    @Koen … uh exactly why do you think Jenna has a crush on Wildstorm? They’ve yet to even have met.

  7. Koen Francois says:

    It is just one of those plot twists that happen in many shows.

    And well we viewers don’t know what all transpired yet of course. Unless what we have seen thus far is truly the beginning? I am just believing it due to the fact we never saw the new SK being trained for instance. They already seem several months in after their original recruitment.

    Plus I enjoy making crazy theories! You should see what I have been brewing on that little orb that was stolen. XD

  8. Felony says:

    A good plot twist has to make sense and these two make no sense at this point in the story. It’s like choosing two random characters to pair up just for the sake of pairing them up. No thought or reason into the choice other than “it could have happened” which is assuming a lot.

    By this logic, Viper and Turmoil got together. After all, there’s a lot of time that passed since they were last seen in which they could have met. Despite their personalities, interests and having nothing in common, they could totally be crushing on one another. XD Love at first fright! 😉

    It’s fun to guess things but I wouldn’t put any money on those two.

  9. Koen Francois says:

    Hence all the more fun to see what actually will happen. :p

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