Issue 2 Page 8

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Issue 2 | Aero, Crimson

Issue 2 Page 8

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16 comments on “Issue 2 Page 8”

  1. NeeKnight says:

    I love how these two bounce off each other and great job at capturing the cockpit… not a space that is easy to draw

  2. Eric F. says:

    Ha ha! They should be able to handle the Turbokat just fine!

  3. Alexandra Bryant says:

    I absolutely love this scene of Hans and Stacy playing arguing with each other about who knows how to run the second Turbokat jet perfectly just like T-Bone and Razor, and it is just a joy to any SWAT Kat fans.

  4. someoneudk says:

    lol razors a shorty

  5. nikolai60 says:

    Hahaha yes, loving the dynamic. These two’ll be a fun pair to watch in action. Idk why though, but I expected Stacy to be the pilot. Also, plz tell me we’re gonna get some sweet shots at what all’s packed in there, always love me some tech!

  6. Sklover says:

    Well heres by now fovorites in action. Stacy and Hans always the sibling love/arguing. Sassy Stacy and jokster Hans is what i’m seeing. Can’t wait for more on these two awesome characters.

  7. Paexgo says:

    When the next comic arrives of SWAT Kats: Nova Squadron

  8. Jeff Buff says:

    Stacy and Hans act like siblings or young lovers. They make a great couple. Go Stacy for putting Hand in his place, the gunner’s seat!

  9. Eric F. says:

    you guys taking another break? Looking forward to the next post…

  10. MoDaD says:

    I really like the inverted jumpsuit colors you used. It’s a nice touch.

  11. SKFan says:

    Yes! Finally! The new issue has arrived! I’m really looking forward to more of this!

  12. Tina C says:

    Now Hans…Razor’s short too, but he could still put you on your ass. T-Bone’s spirit is still in that jet

  13. Warriorclan says:

    I wonder if T-bones spirit will show itself during this comic….that would be awesome. It’s not the same without him.

  14. Vincent Giannell says:

    When will page 9 be ready?

  15. CaseyWalker says:

    Thank you for your work! This is awesome! ^_^

  16. Lowdog002 says:

    Man, can’t wait for the next few pages to be uploaded! But, this is awesome so far! ^u^

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