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Issue 1 | Apex, Razor, Tack

Page 14

Poecat ComixClass A Felony

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  1. Leah says:

    Heh, kinda figured Razor would step in before anything bad happened. I mean that is the point, right? That he shows up to recruit these guys and gals for the new SWAT Kats. Can’t wait to see more. This is great. ^_^ LOVE IT!!!

  2. Jon says:

    i can’t wait till he recruits aero

  3. Trekker77 says:

    Cool, can’t wait to see the rest of the new recruits!

  4. Tina C. says:

    I think Apex learned her lesson and loving the comix

  5. warriorslover214 says:

    I love this!!!! I cant wait to see the next one! And the next and the next and the next…..

  6. nikolai60 says:

    Gotta wonder what it’d be like being rescued by a ‘dead’ hero, hehe….

  7. It’s a very smart move Razor made by rescuing Phoebe Chase from getting knocked out into her own dreamland by that crazy kidnapper with his glovatrix besides teaching her a cautious lesson about watching your back, and I also really can’t wait to see what the other tricks that Mallory Catlow aka Tack picked up from the carnival besides performing card tricks.

  8. Ravi says:

    look at that idiot!!!!!
    how come they put such idiot characters????

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