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Issue 1 | Apex

Page 13

Poecat ComixClass A Felony

6 comments on “Page 13”

  1. Nee Knight says:

    Curse those randoms pipes! X3 Can’t wait to see how Apex responds to this

  2. nikolai60 says:

    You generally need to check your mark before declaring all clear, as our friend is about to learn, let’s hope she turns around in time.

  3. Trekker77 says:

    Look out Apex!

  4. Tina C. says:

    Have to agree on that…you never turn your back on an enemy, even if they’re down. Razor’ll get him and have her learn her first lesson.

  5. I believe Razor has a very good point about Phoebe Chase aka Apex because she didn’t knock that kidnapper out good enough to send him into dreamland and she really needs to work on martial arts so she can become a professional female fighter like Mallory McMallard from Disney’s Mighty Ducks and Colleen from Road Rovers.

  6. Ravi says:

    just like a copy story of X-men,Spiderman or other series..HUH!!
    i can’t believe this!!!!!

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